Republicans, Children, 2008

This says it all (NYTimes, emphasis mine):

Despite a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign and intense lobbying by children’s advocates, supporters of the bill were unable to convert a single House Republican who voted against the bill last month.

Not one.  The Democrats need to make this a centerpiece until we win it.  A civilized country should not leave a single citizen uncovered.  We can at least ensure children whose families cannot afford care are covered.

In 2008, the Republicans are campaigning against children.  Will the Democrats stand up to them, or cower and compromise their way into extinction?

(image source: afp)


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  1. Republicans don’t give a damn about kids unless their parents are wealthy enough to contribute to the GOP. It is beyond scandalous that in the richest country in history we have 9 million kids without healthcare.

  2. And when you look at the kids who literally die as a result, I don’t see how the party that considers abortion murder considers that ethical.

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