Comcasted (Variable Speed Internet)


I’ve been Comcasted!  Posting and commenting will be sporadic.

Too bad Comcast doesn’t have a competitor in my area.


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  1. What do you mean? Downed internet? Didn’t pay the bill? Need a donation?

  2. Downed Internet. It looks like this time it might have actually been fixed! Off to work, but I’ll be checking in again, at least by tonight.

  3. I just switched from (a piss-poor service) cable to DSL and it all went smooth. Not only do I have as fast or even faster internet, it’s far more stable.

  4. I have little to no complaints about my service, it’s a sister to comcast but it is a small state. :-0

  5. Maybe they are installing new spy hardware/software on their routers. I mean its not like it would be illegal or something.

  6. Fitness, maybe you should consider dial up.

  7. Tried to post here the last time, but for reason I could not, so I’ll try again.

    More on Comcast dirty tricks….

  8. Michael D,
    Hahahaha. But seriously? Maybe not such a bad idea. I was very close to switching to dsl.

    I caught that. A very interesting story. I hope net neutrality picks up steam, as do efforts to open up internet access markets.

  9. I’ll get you a dial up number so we won’t miss you next time you get comcasted. It’s really selfish motivation on my part so I hope you have a good long distance plan. 🙂

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