Fuck Democracy: We Make Us Less Safe


On Friday, the deputy White House press secretary, Tony Fratto, took The Times to task for publishing the information, saying the newspaper had compromised America’s security.

“I’ve had the awful responsibility to have to work with The New York Times and other news organizations on stories that involve the release of classified information,” Mr. Fratto said. “And I could tell you that every time I’ve dealt with any of these stories, I have felt that we have chipped away at the safety and security of America with the publication of this kind of information.”

They’ve done this every fucking time something “slips” about their rank abuse of civil liberties and human rights. And every fucking time they are dead wrong:

  • We know the US tortures its prisoners. What we didn’t know was that the Justice department publicly criticized torture while privately condoning it. How is the approval of White House legal compromising anything?
  • The idea that the public’s knowledge of this administration’s actions is somehow dangerous is itself a direct attack on the American people. We put those fuckers in office, they are there to serve us, and we have the right and responsibility to know what they are doing in our name!
  • It is transparent and convenient every time they pull it. Oh really? The administration did something awful, and revealing it makes us less safe? Imagine that.

And of course Bush justifies this in terms of “protecting” us:

“I have put this program in place for a reason, and that is to better protect the American people,” the president said, without mentioning the C.I.A. by name. “And when we find somebody who may have information regarding a potential attack on America, you bet we’re going to detain them, and you bet we’re going to question them, because the American people expect us to find out information — actionable intelligence so we can help protect them. That’s our job.”

Your job is so much more than providing security. You aren’t the national chief of police. You are the President.

And even if we accepted your patronizing argument, it fails on its own merits. Torturing prisoners makes the world less safe for Americans. Especially if you allow torture of Americans. Suddenly the US is viewed, correctly, as an imperialist nation ruling with fear and steel. We become a nation of thugs, and God help any of our citizens captured by hostile forces.

You are the worst excuse for a President this country has ever suffered through. 2008 can’t come soon enough. And when it does, we’re sending your criminal ass to the slammer for life.