Mercenaries and Our Will To Fight

Lindsay over at Majikthise (emphasis mine):

The all volunteer military is an important democratic safeguard. We need to make would-be warmongers pay the political price for starting wars. It’s a lot easier to hire mercenaries than to call up the entire Army Reserve or bring back the draft.

A government’s willingness to go to war should not outstrip its people’s will to fight.
Mercenaries are dangerous because they make war just another line item in the budget, a turnkey solution, a product to be used at the consumer’s discretion. You don’t have to convince them that the struggle is worth dying for. All that matters is whether the check clears.

Fire the mercenaries and bring the troops home from Iraq.

Amen.  In all the talk about Blackwater (and all the attempts at defending it), this point is missed.  It should be the first statement to clear the gates when we talk about the problem with mercenaries.

But this war has always had a strong element of supporters with zero will to fight.  From the college Republicans who go to walter Reed to thank  soldiers wounded in a conflict they will never join, to Republican congress critters who send Americans to war confident their children will never have to fight.

And as an added insult all of this spending on mercenaries digs into the checkbooks of future generations because the Republican leadership is fiscally irresponsible.  They have become the party of tax cuts and war spending.  Not to mention its gotta be hard on moral for soldiers who receive less pay for the same job.  And hard on security too (NY Post):

THE problems with military outsourcing go far beyond last month’s massacre of civilians by Blackwater USA’s hired guns: Wartime profiteers are bleeding our military.

Astonishingly, contractors are free to approach those in uniform, offer them generous salaries to leave their service in wartime, then profit from the skills your tax dollars taught them.

America’s use of mercenaries is dangerous and unethical on many levels.  We need to stop.


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  1. I agree with you 100%! You might like reading what I have to say about the subject of our outsourcing of the military.

  2. Well since I have been officially given permission for shameless self-pimping here is my take on Blackwater, mercenaries and Iraq:


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