Bush On Torture


President Bush has again defended his administration’s interrogation policies, saying the U.S. government does not torture people.

On Thursday, The New York Times newspaper reported about two secret memos, issued in 2005, authorizing the harshest interrogation methods ever used by the Central Intelligence Agency. They include a barrage of simultaneous tactics – including stress positions, hitting, exposure to extreme temperatures, and simulated drowning.

What is torture?  Is it a set f prescribed actions, like beating or cutting a prisoner?  Is it the act of inflicting pain to extract information?

Why the hell are we asking these questions.  And what the fuck is wrong with Americans who still support this lying bastard?


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  1. The ‘it’s torture, it’s not torture’ thing can easily be put to rest:

    GWB, Cheney, Rums & Gonzo arranged to be kidnapped, drugged, put in diapers and flown to an unfamiliar place, have each of the approved techniques performed on them, then they can tell us if they felt tortured.
    Of course each procedure should be recorded as proof they were actually permormed.
    I volunteer to hold the camera.

  2. If I believed him I would be ok with aggressive interrogation methods. I just don’t believe him and I really can’t believe he’s a two term president. Oh how it has cost the world…… ;-(

  3. Mirth!!!
    Its so good to see you here! Warm welcome (although I wish it were on a more positive post).

    I don’t think your idea would work unfortunately. You know they’d still lie about it.

    Michael D,
    He doesn’t have credibility anymore, and to watch the Presidential candidates who drape themselves in his imperial robe and act like front runners….

    I think its more than that, but that’s gotta be the main ingredient in the brain stew. I think this relates to this article from Kelly.

  4. So right! They wouldn’t tell the truth even about their own torture.
    Bah! What is it with these freaks?

  5. Mirth,
    They want to “win” at any cost. I wonder if they will peacefully give up power in ’08?

  6. Fitness, not that I indulge in Alex Jones but his prediction for a while has been that Bush will attempt some radical executive order to suspend the election process. If you are into extremism there is a possibility that he won’t go willingly.

  7. Michael D,
    It is a possibility. I don’t know how likely it is, but it keeps seeming less and less fantastical with every new crime this administration commits.

  8. Amen fitness. Amen

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