Disturbing Murder of US Soldier

This isn’t good (ABC News):

Top lawmakers have gotten involved and are seeking answers from the Pentagon about Ciara Durkin and the details surrounding her death. She was killed by a gunshot wound, inside the tightly secured Bagram air base in Afghanistan.

Massachusetts Army National Guard Spc. Ciara Durkin, 29, on home leave in early September, gave her siblings what now seems ominous advice. She told them that if anything were to happen to her while she was serving to investigate.

“We need answers. We’d like answers. We want to know how our beloved Ciara spent the last moments of her life and why was she taken from us,” Ciara’s sister Maura Durkin said.

Ciara was part of a National Guard Finance Unit and her siblings say recently she had told them that she was uncovering some things she didn’t like — and that she was making enemies.

What did she find?


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  1. Time bomb warning….

  2. Well this is a no brainer. She wasn’t playing the game and she had to go. For anyone to believe that you can give x amount of dollars to anyone for unfettered oversight without pilfering I have some ocean front property for sale in Kansas.

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