Raise Taxes for the War

This is brilliant (AP):

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats on Tuesday proposed an income tax surcharge to finance the approximately $150 billion annual cost of operations in Iraq, saying it is unfair to pass the cost of the war onto future generations.

“The war will cost future generations billions of dollars in taxes that we’re shoving off on them and it is devouring money that could be used to expand their educational opportunities, expand their job training possibilities, attack our long-term energy problems and build stronger communities,” Obey said.

Hell yeah.  Only problem?

The plan’s sponsors acknowledged it’s unlikely to pass

Please don’t do that.  Talk about it likes its going to past, and drag the Republicans through the mud on this.  This is “fiscal responsibility”, pure and simple.  The Democrats get it, and everyone who would oppose this bill doesn’t, whatever their party.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Our kids are over there suffering in Iraq, our grandkids will be suffering over here.

  2. What is so fiscally responsible about forcing opponents of war like myself to pay for your governments mistakes? If the government fucks up, am I obligated to pay for those fuck ups? The only party fiscally responsible is the party who committed the crime/mistake that created such the debt. The entity here responsible, the United States government… NOT the people it enslaves.

    I did not bear arms against Iraq
    I did not vote for war
    I did not aid it in any way
    Yet I am a party to the crime? Surely you jest…

    You still fail to realize that the entire war, like every other war fought since the early 1800s has been fought by fraud upon the people through central control of the monetary system. Your taxes go ONLY to repay debts to the Federal Reserve. You see… the politician realizes that taxes are an archaic way to fleece the people… it is much more efficient and stealthy to rob us through fraud.

    If you think the taxes will subside after the war is ‘payed for’ then you are a delusional fool with no knowledge of the history of law or economics.

  3. kip,
    Right on.
    You’re right. I just wanted to make a rhetorical point, that this war is largely the doing of the baby boomer generation, and younger generations shouldn’t have to pour money into their mistakes. I think charging war supporters would be fine. And let’s limit our military adventures to only the money raised through those taxes. That would stop the war quickly, I imagine.
    I’m suggesting a new tax, specifically for the war. So I’m not sure what you are talking about here.

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