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Late to work, and fortuitously so. I ran into True Majority‘s children’s health care display. (I wished I had my camera with me, instead my cell phone stood in. It is not an iphone, as you can see).

It was striking. Kids, organizers, reporters, and the curious all milling about. Two displays with the same bold statistic. Country after country displayed, alongside the estimated number of uninsured children. Britain: 0. Spain: 0. Canada: 0. And on and on until the United States: 9 million.

Its a damning statistic. And its not the only one. Americans strongly support universal health care, place that issue at the top of our domestic agenda, and we believe Democrats are the party that will stand and deliver (DarkSyde, DailyKos):

I can understand why conservatives are terrified of healthcare. It’s the tender Achilles heel of their failed ideology. It cuts across otherwise entrenched party lines and cracks open the most prized propaganda chestnuts of the right. And most important of all, it’s not just a political winner all the way around for Democrats, it’s a Republican massacre:

CBS — In the new poll, the public gives the Democrats a big edge over the Republicans on handling health care issues. Asked which party they believe will best improve the health care system, 62 percent said the Democrats, while just 19 percent said the Republicans.

NYT 2 March 2007 –A majority of Americans say the federal government should guarantee health insurance to every American, especially children, and are willing to pay higher taxes to do it, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. … access to affordable health care is at the top of the public’s domestic agenda, ranked far more important than immigration, cutting taxes or promoting traditional values.

August sums up how this will be perceived magnificently:

Democrats passed a bill funding one of the most popular social programs in our nation’s history. The Republican president vetoed it.

The name TrueMajority drives this point home quickly: This is where America stands.

True Majority Action Center: Children’s Health Care


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  1. “Britain: 0. Spain: 0. Canada: 0. And on and on until the United States: 9 million.”

    So, then why don’t these supposed majority move to Canada, Britain, or Spain if things are so great there?

    Because things AREN’T so great there. And one of the major reasons is because of these socialist programs.

    The very things that make our country unique and desirable are the things these one-worlders want to destroy. They don’t want to bring America UP to a higher standard than other countries, they want to bring it DOWN to other country’s standards.

    As much as I despise Bush, I applaud him for this vote. At least he is right sometimes.

    I hope you see how laughable it is to claim a “majority” because a group of a few people use the word in their name.

    There are more people at a Mike Gravel rally than what you picture here.

    Maybe this piece was satire?

  2. If you “universal health care nuts” somehow actually get your way, I may at least find some comfort in looking at your faces when the government starts rationing out your food, and regulating what you can and cannot eat. Obviously, this will be the next step when they tell you how costly the system is and how it is the next CRISIS. So, of course, the logical solution is force you to eat only approved HEALTHY meals to reduce your burdence on the system. And then when those lobbied-and-bought-approved healthy meal manufacturers start cutting costs to squeeze as much profit as they can from this now government-subsidized-monopoly on the health food market, the food will start killing you. But, that won’t really be a crisis, because now that you are dead, you aren’t costing the system anymore.

    Then in 50 years, we will discover that the money put into this universal health care actually just went into the general funds and was spent to free the people of Darfur or wherever, and there is no more money to pay the benefits to those now dependent on the system. So, they cut benefits. But, they are selective with groups that get their benefits cut (people that smoke, people that drink, people who make above a certain amount of money – nevermind that they are likely PAYING the most into the system.)

    We’ve done this before and it was a disaster. It was called social security. Their solution has been to continuously raise the age when you can start claiming it almost to the point of life expectancy. See, if you die before actually taking the benefits, it averts the crisis.

    I’m going to stop being nice here for a moment and call people like you unAmerican. You do have freedom of speech, but what you and your ilk are advocating is to essentially destroy what is America. If you snub your noses at the Constitution and the supreme law of the land, then you do not really deserve the protection of it. In fact, there is a provision regarding treason in there, which if our elected officials actually took the Constitution seriously they would apply it to people like you.

    Why don’t you quite being cowards and actually start a revolution? I know the socialists once said they would win this war with America without firing a single shot, and I think you have been wildly successful, but please know that your final blow will become a bloody standoff. I hope you have the stomach for it.

  3. BTW, look at your next paycheck. The amount you pay in social security almost equals what you pay in federal taxes, and it is being put into the general funds. You might as well say you are paying double the federal tax rate you THINK you are. If you look closely at the social security act, you will find that there is NO guarantee that the government will provide you with the benefits promised. Once they determine that their is no more money to pay for the benefits, your benefits will just be cut off, you will be left to die, end of the problem.

    So, last year, I paid $8K in federal taxes and $5K in social security. Really I paid $13K in federal taxes on my measily $40K salary. Think I couldn’t have done better things with that money, like preparing for my retirement, buying health insurance for my children, investing in gold to leave to my children, or sending my children to a high quality school? I would probably even have a little left over to feel generous with and give it to charities to help out the poor and misfortuned.

  4. Bravo Scott!!! Well put. I may be one of the few that agree with you but the socialist agenda is still on the move..

  5. Its wonderful how its often ignored that in Canada there are waiting lists for major operations and businesses totally devoted to helping patients find American clinics and doctors to get the care they need. Look at Britian for a moment: they are trying to push for the total ban of smoking and get this… COMPETITIVE EATING contests.

    These programs are NOT for your well being, they are a tool to excuse CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE. When will you government loving goons realize that your affection is for a blood thirsty beast? That you hold a dangerous rampaging fire to your bosom? I suppose you like being burnt…

    Why is it that state level or local level programs are not enough for the average socialist? Why not through a voluntary group of people who are WILLING to do this? Oh right, there is no need for consent in socialist ideology. If consent was involved it would be a charity or a INSURANCE AGENCY! But since you call for pointing a gun to everyones head, by using government, you obviously have no desire to preserve freedom of choice or volunteerism.

    No, you have to force your benevolence upon as many people as possible, adding as many names to the list of the chained as can be done.

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