The Miss Ripped Off Pageant

Apparently Beauty pageants, in addition to all the other lovely things they represent, are more about exploitation than scholarships (Freckles Cassie, YOUTHinkLeft):

I HATE beauty pageants. Big time hate. But I know I will need a scholarship to go to college and I support girls that do the beauty pageant thing in order to get a scholarship. So reading stories like this bothers me. They’re combining to try to keep her from collecting. I hope she wins!

Jennifer Lee, New York Times:

Ashley Wood, 2004’s Miss South Carolina, is locked in a dispute with the pageant over its failure to distribute the scholarship that was part of her prize.

You are talking about an organization that is promoting itself as the largest scholarship provider for women in the world,” Ms. Wood, 26, said of the Miss America Organization. “When contestants try to collect their funds, they encounter one obstacle after another.”

Which negates the raison d’etre of Beauty Pageants:

But in 2007, when women are attending college and grad school in record numbers, when the first female Speaker of the House is in power, and when women have unprecedented access to almost all professional fields, why are we still playing dress-up for money?

Only, for some at least, they aren’t even playing dress up for money.  Makes me wonder where the “tax deductible contribution to the Miss America Scholarship Fund” is actually going.

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