Burma’s Cowardly Rulers

Even as the military begins to turn against the Junta, Burma’s rulers are violently suppressing protests (The Australian):

Burma’s state-controlled media said the police had reacted after the crowd became violent.

“The protesters threw bricks, sticks and knives at the security forces, so because of the desperate situation the security forces had to fire warning shots,” the report said.

Bullshit.  The Australian should be a bit more critical (RickB, Ten Percent):

 Burma Campaign UK sources in Rangoon have reported that soldiers have been ordered to shave their heads, in possible preparation for infiltrating peaceful demonstrations. They would start rioting or attacking police, providing the regime with a pretext for a brutal crackdown on protestors.

The Burmese military used automatic weapons against non violent protesters, killing a foreign journalist:

But when a crowd of 1000 protesters refused to disperse, police charged, firing automatic weapons.

A Japanese video journalist, Kenji Nagai, from APF news in Tokyo became the first foreigner killed since the protests began 10 days ago.

The soldiers who took part have nothing of honor or humanity in their actions.  And the leaders who ordered this have no claim to legitimacy.  When you kill your own people, you have lost the right to rule them.  Period.

Do not mistake this for anything other than what it is.  State sponsored murder of dissidents.

(image source: Time)


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  1. I guess the question is why is Murdoch media paroting the regime? Wants to stay chums with business partners China?

  2. It’ s not like it would be the first time in history that a government would fabricate the basis for the use of force is it? Guns aren’t worth the expense of the bullets if you’re not firing them right? (This is where I wish our government would step in) unfortunately U.S. probably taught this tactic to the rest of the world. Monks are peaceful and no one could convince me that they would be violent.

  3. RickB, a very good question. Especially since the west, including conservatives, are so united against the regime.

    Michael D,
    Its not that monks can’t be violent. Look at Sri Lanka for example. But the Burmese government has no credibility on this.

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