More Women in Government: She Should Run

From SheShouldRun at myDD:

Two percent.

That’s the proportion of Congress in U.S. history that’s been made up of women.

She Should Run is a project to get more pro choice women into office.  I got an email from Alicia Durfee:

The greatest part of this project is that it’s not a superficial exercise, but real action to elect pro-choice women.  As the nominations have come in, the WCF has been following up to make sure these women receive the support and resources they need to run.  They’re even planning their first training session with women who have been encouraged to run as a direct result of this project.

This is pretty straight forward.  Our government is growing increasingly hostile to women’s rights.  This is a great way to begin turning back the tide and moving our policies from the 1950’s into the current decade.

You all probably know someone who could run for office.  An inspiring teacher whose always talking about politics.  A doctor who is passionate about health care reform.  The office manager who advocates for change in the workplace.

Another good place to look would be your handy local politicians.  I can think of a particularly courageous, deft and principled State Rep from Massachusetts who should really consider running for a higher office.  I’m sure you can too.

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