The US and Israel

You hear it nearly every day. Whispered on far right websites and lefty blogs alike. Israel is running US foreign policy.


It occurred to me, reading one of Chris’s excellent posts, just what the relationship really is:

Citing two unnamed sources the magazine called knowledgeable, the magazine quoted David Wurmser, until last month Cheney’s Middle East advisor, as having told a small group of people that:

“Cheney had been mulling the idea of pushing for limited Israeli missile strikes against the Iranian nuclear site at Natanz and perhaps other sites in order to provoke Tehran into lashing out.”

That would be Cheney considering ordering Israel around. That’s when it hit me. The oppression of Palestinian. The massive arms deals. The insane obsession with terrorism at the cost of domestic policy. Israel is like a warlord or a dictatorship that can count on US money so long as it fights a common enemy. Israel is our security bitch. And right now our leadership is thinking about yelling “sic ’em!”.

The Bush cabal doesn’t really care what the consequences are for Israel. So a few Israelis die when Iran launches a brutal counter attack. Big deal.

That is the relationship Israel has with the US. The idea that they are controlling our policy is a fantasy born of the serious loads of lobbying cash they waste on Congress, and the stale racist myths about Jews running the world.

Israel would be better off saving all that lobbying cash and using it domestically, and telling the US to go fuck itself. I bet that would go a long way towards moving the peace process forward.


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  1. Its not so much a secret cabal, but rather a parasitic relationship. Its an odd mixture of Zionism (both Jewish and Christian), the needs of the Military-Industrial Complex (of both nations, you want to your next fighter plane to be a hit, “sell” it to Israel) and the last toe hold of the old Western Empire under the guise of collective guilt for thousands of years of persecution.

    But is this relationship helping anyone in the U.S. or Israel other than those who profit (politically and financially) from a constant state of war?

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