The New York Times Betrays Free Speech

The New York times regrets stepping outside its traditional media role as a state sanctioned news source.  (AFP):

The New York Times has expressed regret about publishing a paid advertisement that contained an attack against the commander of US forcers in Iraq, General David Petraeus.

The full-page add by the liberal group appeared in the paper on September 10, the day Petraeus appeared before Congress to testify about the war in Iraq, under the provocative headline “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?”

Pictured below is John Coryn, who appears really very concerned and upset about the ad.

“How dare those peasants?”  he seems to be saying.  Well the New York Times has listened to their unofficial editorial board in DC.

On Sunday, New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt said “the ad violated The Times’s own written standards

I think we have a copy of those standards here, dear readers.  Let’s have a look see (I’ll bold the relevant sections):

72) Never run an ad that questions Giuliani’s manliness.

73) Never run an ad that contains unapproved facts.

74) Don’t even think about mentioning Kucinich.

75) If congress condemns an ad, say you’re sorry and make nice.

76) We still heart Judy Miller.

That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?  Congress screams and the New York Times folds with a practiced speed.

Of all institutions, you’d think the press would fight for freedom of speech.


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  1. And they call the NYT a “liberal” rag. Go figure….

  2. Of course. Its a sick game, and I’m tired of anyone taking right wingers seriously. The New York Times is “play ball” corporate magazine with well heeled language.

  3. I only wish that someone would put an ad out stating that Druleiani donated 15,000,000.00 to the North American Union because that may shed some light as to his real commitment to the U.S. as opposed the public statement of his commitment. He’s a dirt bag and he and Romney should be working at wal mart as greeters.

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