Bush and Cheney Thought Experiment

Some wingers are wondering what would have happened if MoveOn had been around in 1942 (David, Orcinus):

Oliver Willis observes that the right-wingers, in their mass fainting spell over MoveOn.org’s Gen. Petraeus ad, have been busy speculating what America would have looked like if MoveOn had been around during World War II (see here for a local example, which seems not to credit or link to the original).

Never mind, of course, that the historical examples are far removed from each other both by circumstance and context, and that comparing Petraeus with Eisenhower is like comparing Christopher Cross with The Beatles.

Two can play at that game:

What the hell — we can have a little fun with this line of speculation, to wit:

What if Bush and Cheney had been in charge at the time of Pearl Harbor?

I dunno about you, but it’s pretty clear that this:

… would have been replaced by this:

And of course, it would now be 1949 and the president would probably be explaining why they hadn’t yet captured Hitler (he’s not that important, you know) and the invasion and continued occupation of India was the major battle front in winning the war.

Zing! For my part, I’d be concerned about the fate of lil’ orphan annie:

I’m fairly certain Dick Cheney would eat her.

(Source Images: FDR, Bush, Cheney.)

All of this illustrates a fairly important point in rhetoric: Don’t employ a tactic your opponent can use to better effect.


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  1. Truth is the the Heart of Satire….

  2. But, this is a whole new kind of warfare and glargle blurbum frakka!!!

    And everyone knows that the Germans and Japanese weren’t nearly as dangerous as IslamofasciMexiGays.

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