Jena 6 Roundup

brownfemipower at Women of Color Blog has a kickass list:

Have you talked to your child about why they/you are wearing black?
Have you told your child why s/he is worth it?
Have you figured out how you can be involved?
Have you wondered what the Jena Six have to do with Latin@ Immigrants?
Have you been wondering what a bitch has to say about the Jena Six?
Have you wondered how things have changed since 1971?
Have you wondered what you can do with your digital camera?
Have you been looking for pictures of the march?
Have you been thinking, “This is a black issue”?
Have you tried to talk yourself out of posting something?

Have a read and a look see. Some highlights? Pictures of the march. And of course from the rhetorical side of things, framing every liberal, every activist should engrave into their hearts in living fire (voxexmachina, emphasis mine):

Because Resistance is right, and because this is a human issue

This is what makes liberals strong, and honestly, fucking scary to conservatives. All of our core issues come down to a fundamental recognition of the value of all human beings. That is the heart of our movement. The intelligence of our movement is the recognition that in helping some we help all, and in destroying lives we make the world a harsher place for all of us. This is why the oft applied and dismissive label of “idealist” needs to be sharply countered. Idealism is living in a world dominated by Ayn Rand and Bill O’Reilly, where we can point bombs at countries and watch oil prices go down.

And right now a group of students are having their lives destroyed. They need our help. Not our indifference.


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  1. I would like to say is that the Jena 6 should not be convicted. If them white kids would have been expelled, it wouldn’t have drove the Jena 6 to woup their ass. It is a shame a shame that aft er all them years since slavery, this is still going on. It is nothing but hatred. And thats why MLKJ is a hero. Because he succeded without violence. It is a shame that Africans Americans have to walk around here and there and can’y even be accepted by whites. IT IS NOT FAIR. And neither is the justice system. But as I go on in life dont care what anybody say I AM GOIN DO ME! WHATEVA DA COST. I refuse to be misuse because the color of my skin. This is written from an African American… and you best believe it. THIS WORLD IS FEEL WITH HATRED!

  2. Queen Ray,
    The Jena 6 shouldn’t have resorted to violence. Period. But calling the courts down on them so viciously, for a schoolyard fight, is beyond contempt. They shouldn’t be convicted at all.

    You mention MLK, let me mention Gandhi. What was his quote? “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” The hate espoused is nothing against the tide of love and justice that rises every day. We are a part of that tide. The world is also filled with our voices and our actions.

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