Dan Rather vs Corporate Broadcasting System

Dan Rather is suing CBS. He’s after the truth:

Instead, Rather said on CNN’s “Larry King Live” that he wants to use the litigation to find out what really happened behind the scenes after his discredited report on President Bush’s military record aired on “60 Minutes II” in 2004.

He’s also taking a stand:

Rather said he filed the lawsuit largely to “make a stand and say democracy cannot survive, much less thrive, with the level of big corporate and big government interference and intimidation in news.”

For those unfamiliar with the story that prompted it all (emphasis mine):

The “60 Minutes II” story, suggesting Bush received preferential treatment during his Vietnam War service in the Texas Air National Guard, was partly based on documents CBS later acknowledged could not be authenticated. It retracted the report 12 days later.

As KiTA(dkos) points out:

The story was, of course, true, but the Killian documents being unable to be authenticated independently gave the far right water-carriers enough ammo to sweep the entire story under the rug.

I hope Dan Rather drags the whole thing out in the open.  The current media coverage of the suit is pathetic and worn (Jon Friedman, MarketWatch):

Rather’s failure is that he can’t let go. He moved on from CBS to work on some thoughtful segments for Mark Cuban on high-definition TV. But apparently, he thirsts for the limelight. Well, he’s got it now. Right after the lawsuit news came out, he was immediately booked to appear on “Larry King Live” on CNN, owned by Time Warner

Yes, just let go.  Why not use that same scatalogical reasoning on everything more than 1 year old.  The war?  “Why can’t liberals move on?  We’re there now!”.  The 2000 elections?  “Hey, he’s out President now, what do massive irregularities matter?  Move on liberals!”.  Forgive us for not paying any attention to such empty words.  The only other thing he has to add is to suggest Rather is just doing this for “the limelight”.

Whatever his motivation, he’s sticking it to the underside of the media.  We should expect to see them squirm a little.

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  1. Personally, I find it embarrassing that Dan Rather is still dragging his “anchor” around. You could say his leaking craft has run aground on the shoals. Or make that SCHORR. In any case, this morning, Daniel Schorr speaks for me on Rather.

  2. Vigilante,

    Wow. Listening to Schorr drone on about anchors? Not my idea of a fun time. Plus the whole point of the lawsuit is the Bush administration, successfully, shut a network up.

    Yes, some of the sources were bad. Not all of them. And the story was good.

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