Lebanon Bombing + Context

Karova (Mask of Anarchy) has a really important catch (emphasis mine):

It always surprises me how little context the mainstream media give to various events in the Middle East.  The BBC reported Ghanim’s death thus:

Banks, schools and government offices are closed in Lebanon, as the country mourns an anti-Syrian MP who was killed in a car bombing in the capital Beirut.

The reporting paints a very positive view on Ghanim within the context of Lebanon’s bid to free itself from the clutches of Syria (a member of the infamous ‘axis’, don’t forget). However, as with Pierre Gemayel’s murder last year, little is reported of the party to which they belonged. The Kataeb Party was established in 1936 by Pierre Gemayel (the grandfather of his namesake). The party was founded after Gemayel had been impressed by the organisation and efficiency of the Nazi party after visiting the 1936 Olympics. On returning to Lebanon, Gemayel formed his party and named it after Franco’s Falange party in Spain and organised it along similar lines. In short, the Kataeb Party is a fascist party.

Now, although any murder must be condemned as a criminal act, it makes you wonder: why do the mainstream media not give more background information about the Kataeb Party? Is it simply because they support the West’s policy towards Syria? Is fascism seen as a necessary evil in the fight against another threat? Unless the media starts reporting within its proper context, these questions will remain unanswered.

Its well known that the US will happily pair up with fascists, dictators, murders, rapists, torturers, hell, even terrorists, to go after the big enemy of the moment.  But we really need to take a long hard look at the consequences.  They aren’t always overtly obvious, as in our support for Osama and Hussein back in the day.  Sometimes they take sitting down and thinking about it for more than 5 minutes.  Hezbollah is popular in Lebanon.  Does anyone really think the only reason, hell, even the major reason, is that they oppose Israel and the US?  If we are going to effectively fight the root causes of terrorism, we need proper reporting.  Understanding the politics of a region beyond international affairs is key to understanding the complex motivators at play when that country interacts with the world.


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