DHS to Share Spy Satellite Data

This is very worrying (via Lindsay, Majikthise):

My latest article is up at In These Times. It’s about the move to disseminate highly classified military spy satellite data to a wider range of civilian clients.

The National Applications Office, which is schedule to go live on October 1, is an office within the Department of Homeland Security.

The NAO will serve as a clearinghouse for spy satellite data for civil applications (science and the environment), homeland security, and law enforcement (national, state, and local).

The NAO is a massive expansion of the dissemination of intelligence to an entirely new group of clients. The program raises serious constitutional and civil liberties issues. Also, the DHS has said little about whether making this data available to thousands of people across the country might compromise sources and methods.

The Department of Homeland Security isn’t exactly acting in a way that encourages trust and confidence:

When DHS officials were called to testify before the House Committee on Homeland Security in early September, they admitted that many of their standard operating procedures hadn’t even been written down yet!  The top DHS lawyer declined to testify at all.

This should be scandal level stuff.  The US government is spying on us, and their are going to share that data with civilians.  Further?  They haven’t even standardized their operating procedures.  How can a procedure be “standard” if its passed along by word of mouth?  Haven’t these people ever played telephone?

(And the top DHS lawyer refusing to testify is just standard administration procedure at this point.  Congress really needs to be more aggressive about their inquiries.)


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  1. Don’t count on it. I think the Dems are just hoping that they win the WH so they get to play with the new executive power toys. Six months ago I had my doubts, but today….

  2. Shit. I think you’re right. This fucking country with its fucking elite ruling class!

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