Bush’s Iranian Advisors

Apparently Bush sees Iranian advisors  behind the latest bombing in Lebanon (TPZoo):


A powerful bomb blast killed Lebanese politician Antoine Ghanem and, let’s not forget eight human beings not mentioned by name, yesterday. President Bush was quick to see Syria and, not surprisingly, Iran behind this atrocity.

“The Times” reports on another event in Syria, where a missile purportedly exploded while being armed with some of the most powerful chemical agents by Syrian military, helped by, unsurprisingly, Iranian advisers.

Does this sound like “yellowcake” to you?


Very much so. At this point Bush has an insurmountable credibility problem. What do you want to bet that in a matter of months (or even weeks), it comes out that there is absolutely no intelligence suggesting the involvement of Iran?

There is just no reason to take anything Bush says seriously anymore. He has repeatedly lied to get what he wants, and right now he wants to invade Iran. Why trust a single word he says?


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