Greece Takes a Page from US

Commenting on a recent and narrow victory in parliamentary elections (Southeast European Times, emphasis mine):

Karamanlis called the early elections in August, hoping to win a strong show of support from the voters for tough reforms aimed at streamlining the state bureaucracy. Instead, his government — shaken recently by a securities fraud scandal and criticism over its response to the devastating wildfires of August — will enjoy only a two-seat edge.

In a brief TV address Sunday night, Karamanlis nevertheless said he had received a “strong mandate for a new and dynamic beginning”.

Sound’s an awful lot like Bush’s 2004 “mandate“.  It also looks like the SETimes are taking a page from our own media.  Check out the introductory paragraph (emphasis mine):

The centre-right New Democracy party has won Sunday’s (September 16th) elections in Greece, gaining a new mandate for the government of Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis. However, the party’s majority will be sharply trimmed as a result of the vote, which saw a significant increase in support for smaller political formations.

No quotes.  Just statement.  Even though the same article goes on to note that Karamanlis’s party lost seats due to dissatisfaction with the ruling party.

(image source, bbc news)


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  1. ” I have come to bury Caesar, not to praise him”. Mark Anthony Venizelos shall meet the same fate! Costas Simitis will tarnish even further his good name if he plays with these folks any further. The PASOK membership is much smarter than these folks think! It is now quite apparent to all, the type of undermining that Papandreou faced during the last four years, while trying to mount a national challenge to the New Democracy Party. To his credit, like the son of several children, whose father just willed a crumbling house, he honored that house by trying to repair it. He carried PASOK for four years, while others where quietly pulling two bricks away for every brick that he placed on the house!
    I have been observing the events immediately following the elections. It stinks of conspiracy and set-up. Within hours of the PASOK loss, Venizelos was declaring a leadership crisis and declaring himself ppresent to challenge Papandreou for that role. In the wee hours of the morning, key Venizelos PASOK allies, and apparently, co-conspirators, were gathering in Athens. The very next morning, Venizelos was meeting with former Prime Minister Simitis, obtaining Simitis’s support in the latter’s serving as guarrantor of the esoteric, PASOK leadership challenge “process”. Simitis, you might recall, thrust Papandreou into this set-up, only three months before the last elections (2004), by declaring himself a non-candidate when the various polls showed that he had failed miserably to maintain public confidence. This whole affair is worse than the coup-d-etat of 1967!

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