Eavesdropping Didn’t Help Uncover Terrorist Plot

Remember when the NYTimes reported that giving up our civil liberty brought us civil security?

The government’s ability to eavesdrop on potential terrorists helped the United States obtain information that led to the arrests last week of three Islamic militants accused of planning bomb attacks in Germany, the nation’s top spy official said today. This surveillance ability was temporarily restricted earlier this year by a special court, and then restored by Congress last month.

Turns out that’s not the case (Slashdot):

crymeph0 writes “Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell asserted that the ‘Protect America Act,’ which frees the intelligence community from pesky things like judicial oversight while they eavesdrop on international conversations, was used to good effect in exposing the recently foiled terrorist plot to bomb US military facilities in Germany. Not so, according to other, anonymous, intelligence community officials. McConnell was forced to admit his errors in a phone call to Sen. Joe Lieberman. Turns out the military got wise to the bad guys months before the law was passed, simply due to alert military guards noticing odd behavior by some passers-by, a.k.a. good old fashioned police work.”

This government lies at every turn.  Just repeating the words of a speech isn’t reporting.  Its note-taking.  If you want reporting you need to add in critical analysis.


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  1. This administration and everyone associated to it has lied and continues to lie about everything.

    I am very please that McConnell was exposed. What is irritating is that Congress never knows what the hell is going on until something is exposed by whistle blowers or bloggers.

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