Obama: Out of Iraq by 2030!

Obama, stating his opposition to the war and criticizing Hillary, has advocated for removing our troops at the rate of 500 a month:

“The American people have had enough of the shifting spin.

“We’ve had enough of a war that should never have been authorized and should never have been waged.”

Exactly. Which is why opposing the war but never leaving is bullshit. Good on Obama for calling out Clinton and taking a bold new stance on the war. The AP article went on to utterly ignore Kucinich, who has advocated immediate withdrawal of all troops involved, since he’s a short and silly man who will never ever win the Presidency.


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  1. Complete and sudden troop withdrawal is a mistake. Yes, America needs to get out of Iraq, but it’s a long-term relationship at this point. We destroyed their country, so now we have to fix it.

    Obama doesn’t have enough resolve or experience to know these things. He’s an idealist and has no place in a realistic world. That’s why he’s such a good Senator; he acts in a bubble, voting on bills that will eventually have some sort of minimal effect, but he’s not a ‘big picture’ kind of guy.

  2. echostarlite,

    We can remove our troops and allow UN troops to go in. We should have a presence there, just not a military presence. A diplomatic and humanitarian one.

    Obama, in the article I linked to, mentions the need to follow up a slow withdrawal with regional diplomacy and humanitarian efforts. Those aren’t the words of inexperience.

    “Experience” seems to be a code word for being a spineless rubber stamper, and I don’t buy it. I also don’t buy your assertion that Obama acts in a bubble. Really? Do you have an example?

    Your claim that Obama is not a “big picture” guy is hilariously false. This is the “new kind of politics” Senator we are talking about. His whole campaign has been a “big picture” campaign. If anything, he is criticized for not offering up enough details.

  3. I’m sorry but the occupying coalition is hated, it kills with impunity and has no interest in the people or the culture. It has to make reparations but it cannot do any good while occupying Iraq. The ‘need to fix it’ is a fantasy that enables long term occupation and ignores the over 1 million people killed by the coalition or their basic attitude to Iraqis (‘hajis’ they pejoratively call them) that pervades the invading forces. An attitude that also has resonance in the ‘pottery barn’ argument, the noble imperial forces will rebuild their country with their kindly superior civilisation. America used slave labour to build the embassy in the green zone, Iraq has been a civilised country millennia longer than the USA. Get out, beg for forgiveness and the billions spent on the military can instead be sent to let them remake their land. That will not happen, what will happen is the progressively ‘ethnically cleansed’ land will become three regions controlled by client state regimes and permanent US bases. Which is not unusual there are 700-1000 US bases in 130 countries, US military spending is greater than all other countries on Earth combined. The only candidates talking about the problems of this unwieldy Empire are relegated to the background, meanwhile there are 5.7 billion people on Earth who are not American and empires always fall.

  4. RickB,
    That’s not true for everyone in the occupying forces. Just look at the two soldiers who were recently killed. The ones who wrote the editorial condemning the war. They were brave, and they stood up for what’s right.

    You are dead on about the “need to fix it” fantasy. Its a come on line from a used car salesman with a lemon. And we absolutely do have an ethical obligation to the Iraqi people: to leave. Our presence is unwelcome and actively making things worse. UN peace-keepers could help. But US troops? Not there, not now.

    I hope we can turn away from empire and walk back towards Republic.

  5. What did Jon Steward called it…a Mobius strip? Looks the same going in as going out. Maybe they should call it the Ferris Wheel of Death. It only looks fun from the outside looking in, for some anyway…

    Good to have my Internet back!

  6. I think its great that Barack Obama is going to withdraw all the troops out of Iraq during his term. For the most part, the Middle East was ALREADY destroyed from the terrorism and genocide there, we just went there and we’re fighting the genocide and terrorism there, so in a way, we made it a little better

  7. A little better, how exactly?

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