MSNBC Poll: Impeach Bush

Over half a million responses, as of now 89% of which favor impeachment. I know I know, online unscientific poll. Even so, that is astounding. (Via Chris Eckel, Mr Brightside):

From – look at the number of respondents and tell me this isn’t worth talking about…

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  Do you believe President Bush’s actions justify impeachment? * 548474 responses

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  1. I’ve been shouting, screaming, impeach both Bush and Cheney, ever since the Dems took control of the House.

    But alas, Speaker Botox insists, “Impeachment is off the table.” Her focus is seeing to it a Dem is elected the next president.

    Perhaps, after the U.S. invades Iran and Iran responds by nuking Israel and the WWIII is unleashed, these worthless Dumbocrats will think back and say, “Gee, we should’ve removed Bush and Cheney when we had the chance.”

  2. I wonder which candidates support impeachment?
    Just Kucinich that I know of (amongst the serious contenders).

    I think Speaker Botox is seeing to it that she retains power within the Democratic party.

    And an invasion of Iran…. If only we get off easy with just WWIII !
    From the sound of even some Democrats, we’ll need to do a lot more than remove Bush and Cheney to stop this war. (But that will certainly have a deep impact).

  3. I believe there are many americans who don’t believe that impeachment can be accomplished, especially after the democratic win that proved almost fruitless.

    On top of that, the movement is seen as a fringe. I would guess only 10% of supporters would actually march. We need the energy to go into pins, bumper stickers, wristbands and the like.

    We follow trends. If we see more people, especially friends and colleagues showing their support, we are likely to ask more. Marchers and protesters are preaching to the choir and cause us to appear as a fringe movement. That is why i started A different subtle way to get friends and colleagues to ask questions. Strangers won’t.

    Bush is on the verge of walking away unscathed. Don’t let him.

    Pit Boss

  4. Pit Boss,
    The more avenues of discourse we open up, the better.
    Right on!

  5. This 2 party system is a joke and it’s in place so the people can’t complain that we don’t have a choice or that there’s a monopoly on politics. Don’t be part of the problem, give up your affiliation with politics as usual. I’m not a democrat or a republican, I’m a citizen of the U.S. and I can’t see why this waste of skin (Bush) is still in the white house. He’s derelict in his duty to support his oath, he’s a condescending compulsive sociopath and needs to go. But then we haven’t had a president in a long while that hasn’t done harm to our country so politics as usual wins again and we the people lose yet again….Don’t hate…Debate…

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