Stop The Madness: 9/11 For Iraq, Iraq For Iran

Its the anniversary of 9/11.  The hole is still there (August Pollack).  So is the massive invasion Bush began planning for right after 9/11 (Amanda Marcotte, Pandagon):

I can tell you one thing most people won’t be saying: “How can we use this attack that was orchestrated mostly by Saudis and ordered by the Saudi leader of a terrorist organization based mainly in Afghanistan as leverage to wage a pointless war on Iraq so that our President can finally show his family that his dick is indeed bigger than his father’s?”

Of course you wouldn’t say that. Which is why any random dumbfuck off the street would be a better President than the Shrub, who did in fact immediately start looking for a way to use the death of 3,000 innocent Americans as a way to dupe the American public into getting into a war he was dying to start. Remember, this meeting took place while the smoke was still in the air and rescue workers were trying desperately to find survivors.

Now the President is using the violence in Iraq to push us towards Iran, using the many of the same methods, lies, and the same henchnetwork.

Meanwhile the best the “opposition” in Congress (who we elected with great effort in 2006) is a weak non bill (BarbinMD, DailyKos):

More than four years into this war, and Congress is planning to vote on a bill to have the Bush administration begin to develop a plan for redeployment?  Just a suggestion mind you, nothing more. Not good enough. This bill is a joke that doesn’t even deserve to get to the floor for a vote, let alone receive bipartisan support.  Because as we all know, these days bipartisan means just a few Democrats joining with the Republicans to continue rubber stamping George Bush’s war policies.

If that’s the best they can do on a hugely unpopular war that is already costing us lives, security, and money, how will congress respond to Bush and Cheney’s naked rush towards war with Iran?

Join Blue Gal and The Largest Minority and join the blogswam against war with Iran.  Head over to BurbinMD’s post for more details on how to get your representative to take a substantive, not a symbolic, stand on the war:

So start making those calls and post the results.  Start with your own Representative, and if you have the time, call a few more. And as the results come in, updates will be posted so we all know who are the Democrats and who are the capitulators.

The main switchboard for the House of Representatives:  (202) 224-3121
And for those outside of Washington D.C., the toll free number:  1-800-828-0498

And below the fold, the name and phone number of every Democratic Representative, and if you are unsure who your Representative is, information on how to find out.

The war in Iraq has killed hundreds of thousands, and made life a living hell for millions more.  It has made America weaker and less safe.  It has been a cash cow and recruitment drive for the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.  A war with Iran would have the same, if not a far worse, impact on the world.  We need to stop it.


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  1. I do not think this is a war. It was a war. Bush announced victory in that war when the unnecessary invasion of Iraq was completed, years ago. We are now in occupation mode. (To be sure, if allowed to linger indefinitely, it will morph into war again-with Iran.) Occupations are not won or lost, unlike the pretense of wars; occupations are merely ended.

    Bush wants to think of himself as a war-time president. That’s his hubris and that’s what he wants as his legacy. He does not want to be thought of as an ‘occupation president’. If you support the President and his warmongering, war-peddling ways then, by all means, keep referring to Iraquagmire as a war. If however, you do not, then use the word Bush eschews: OCCUPATION!

  2. This is a very intriguing point. And an important one. He did announce victory, perhaps it would be useful to say this is not a war. Although, there is the war in Afghanistan. Did we ever officially announce we won that one?

    I have to say though, his announcement aside (and it was just theater), that this is a war. An illegal war. An unjust war, but a war. Occupation is, I think, a part of what war is. So while using the word occupation is good, I think using the word war is both accurate and useful to the anti-war cause.

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