Edwards Gets Union Endorsements

As nytexan notes, Edwards is snagging some key union support.

What caught my eyes was this:

It has bothers me that the GOP is very eager for Clinton to get the nomination. Edwards is far more favorable on several issues than Clinton.

Its not just the GOP.  The media is also doing a damn good job (crap, did I just separate the two?) of selling Clinton as the “inevitable” candidate.

We don’t have to buy it.

John Edwards is worth a very serious look.


2 Responses

  1. Clinton is the media darling. If you listen to people and read the blogs Hillary is not the voting publics darling.

    Everyone should stop and think why does the GOP want her to get the nomination? It has more to just a good fight. She is the elephant in the room.

    Edwards has gained more and more of my attention in the last month.

    With Edwards picking up unions, Oprah backing Obama, I would love for Gore to back Edwards. I would love to see Clinton’s head spin.

    BTW:Thanks for the link

  2. It is this disconnect between media darling and voting public that worries me.

    “She is the elephant in the room”. Indeed. She’s wearing a very thin liberal mask. She’ll drop it the second she gets to the general, and burn it once elected.

    Gore officially backing someone other than Clinton would be huge.

    (sure thing, great catch).

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