Pleeeasse Let Craig Withdraw His Plea!

I’m really hoping Republican Senator Larry Craig successfully withdraws his guilty plea. Why? Well, there is the delicious irony of it all (Kay, White Noise Insanity):


Mother of the Banana Cupcakes! What is wrong with these reich wingers who say they’re so much more moral and better than the rest of us? Why do they point their fingers at us liberals & democrats when it’s themselves who are the immoral & disgusting ones!

Those crazy Republicans just can’t help themselves!

But the big reason I’m pulling for Craig? (please ignore nasty mental image):

This is going to be better than watching Britney Spears utterly bomb at the VMA’s.

And hey, maybe Craig isn’t gay. Maybe he just needs Papa Bush’s Time, Touch, and Talk.

UPDATE (heheheeeee, from RickC via Kay):

Now quick, pretend this never happened.


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  1. Bad timing…or good timing?

  2. Oh and it seems that pendulum swung yet again, he is trying to withdraw his guilty plea. Oh Craig, your so much fun, in your non-gay way, of course.

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