Ron Paul is the Best They Got

And that is not a good thing for the Republican party. The recent debate on Fox News was crazy. Freak show crazy (Tom Tomorrow):

Roy has it about right. And boy, is that Fox News crew one bunch of seasoned professionals or what? I mean, whatever you may think of Ron Paul (and I’m no fan), was it really appropriate to have someone giggling loudly off camera every time he responded to a question? (I was half-watching the debate while doing some other stuff — was it ever clear who exactly was so full of mirth?) Not to mention Chris Wallace’s instant-classic follow-up question: “”You’re basically saying that we should take our marching orders from al Qaida?” Amazing that the Democrats ever considered taking part in a debate hosted by these clowns. They almost managed to make the You Tube snowman look dignified by comparison.

Head on over. I just love Roy’s description of John McCain (emphasis mine):

McCain, God bless him, carries on a noble campaign for his own idiosyncratic version of insanity, which I admire because his is a recognizably human affliction, inculcated by years of torture followed by years of having to consort with greedy politicians who were certainly his inferiors. His quiet lunacy is very different from the noisy, slavering power-madness evidenced by the rest of these guys. He’s like King Lear standing among (but not of) a pack of Pavlov’s dogs.

The only guy who does well? Ron Paul:

And Paul, of course, stepped out of the 18th Century to defend the Constitution from these nuts. The Fox News scumbags sigh and giggle, but you can tell they’re pissed that they foolishly allowed a debate to take place in New Hampshire, where a free man will always command an audience’s respect.

The comments thread yields some gems regarding Dr. Paul:

I’m sorry, I can’t respect Ron Paul when he says dumb shit like this.

He’s respectable for his willingness to be true to his stupid ideals. Said stupid ideals are also dumb and moronic ideals. He’s not just any dumbass to me, he’s Mr. Dumbass.

Paul’s principles include voting against divesting taxpayer money from companies that support the Darfur genocide because FREEMARKETGOLDSTANDARD, or whatever

Ron Paul, as documented by Orcinus and others.

Gravatar Yeah, I have to agree, Paul is pus. For the purposes of this campaign, he’s adopted pretty much whole the concerns of the online “libertarians” (motto: the government’s right to extend its fist ends where my sensibly restricted gated community begins) who are in return keeping his campaign going through judicious freepage and the monkeywrenching of unscientific online polls.I’ll grant you that having adopted a consistent (if inhuman and stupid) philosophy makes him look practically sane next to his competition, but his legislative record is cheney-level butt ugly.

On the other hand, when the front runner DFHs him it does have the potential to peel off the dumber disaffected griefers in the general election, so go him.

Ron is a libertarian left out way to long, and now he smells like a right wing Christianist.  And he is the best the Republicans have.  Fred Thompson wouldn’t fare any better, he’s a stale replication of Bush.  Little tiny boots, if you will.


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