Larry Craig Isn’t Gay!

Well he isn’t.  He’s Bi-Curious.  Get it right people.  There’s no problem here (Mike by way of Pam):

“Senator Craig’s situation is exacerbated by the fact that he has a voting record that is counter to the interest of lesbian and gay Americans. All too often, closeted men like Senator Craig use their voting record to hide their truth from the American people. With this news now out in the open, I call upon Senator Craig to reevaluate his votes on issues like the Federal Marriage Amendment, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the Defense of Marriage Act.

No contradiction whatsoever (Amanda):

[…] look at Craig’s voting history and really soak in that this is a man who votes by the principle of no panty drawer unsniffed, no phone untapped, no surreptitious glances between young lovers (particularly of the same sex) unregulated. He must know at all time what you’re doing not only with your genitals but with your foot taps.

Is the foot-tapping law unjust? Absolutely.

Is it just for Craig to be hoisted by his own petards? Absolutely.

Pffft.  Whatevs.  All I can say is someone is going to look fabulous the next time the Defense of Marriage act comes up.


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  1. Yeah…you keep telling yourself that…that is until the next time, when someone with a video camera and a fast internet connection comes along.

  2. Or the police audio of the follow up interrogation.

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