Katrina 2 Years Later

Its been 2 years since Katrina hit New Orleans. We are still paying the cost of compassionate conservatism.

(Image from Suspect Device via Blue Gal)


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  1. That’s an amazing video. Green Day is an outstanding band, very good people. (Same goes for U2).

  2. Most rock bands are sanctimonius left wingnuts and greedy hypocrites. Look at thier ticket pricingJust because they write a song and millions of people adore you doesnt make them experts on anything and everything.
    Yours Truly;
    Johnny Assumption

  3. bgraef,

    You make zero sense. I simply said they were good people for making an effort to help. Did I make any mention of expertise?

    They are hardly greedy hypocrites. You can help people out without utterly giving up everything you own. The world isn’t black and white like that.

    What do you think of Bush’s handling of Katrina? Hell, what do you think of Rove’s handling of Katrina?

  4. “Hell, what do you think of Rove’s handling of Katrina?”

    During or after he turned off the weather machine? 🙂

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