Hillary Scores a Hit on Gonzales Resignation

In an otherwise bothersome post (how is singing the same song on Gonzales bad?  So you don’t like it when Dems provide a united front?), Don Frederick (LA Times) has a really nice catch:

It said: “The second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is one more reminder that the president must appoint someone to lead the Department of Justice with the leadership and competence necessary to defend the Constitution.”

At first blush, the connection between the catastrophe that afflicted New Orleans and defending the Constitution struck us as puzzling.  But it made more sense in light of speculation that Michael Chertoff, head of the of Department of Homeland Security, could be Bush’s choice to succeed Gonzales.

Both Chertoff and his agency were roundly criticized for the poor federal response to Katrina.  Clinton seems to be sending a clear signal that Bush should think twice about asking the Senate to confirm Chertoff as the next attorney general.

And the Republicans should think twice about letting him get away with another recess appointment.  Sneaking Chertoff in will not go unnoticed, and would speak volumes about the Republican party’s vision for ’08 and beyond.  Meanwhile, tip of the hat to Hillary Clinton.  Starting to build pressure against Chertoff now is a really good move.


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  1. Another name flying below the radar to Bush could replace Gonzo with is Texas Senator John Cornyn. Consider:

    1. they’re from the same state
    2. Cornyn is a loyal lapdog and waiting for a bone
    3. Texas has a GOP governor so Cornyn’s seat would stay Republican
    4. both men share a similar political philosophy
    5. Cornyn is a member of the senate club and therefore less likely to be rejected

  2. Another Bush toesucker? Yuck!

  3. This is a very good catch Chris.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next congressional recess to see, won’t we? Oh the joys of the Bush administration!

    The “correct” response is “Yay!”. (Well, the one that won’t get you thrown in jail and tortured once Giuliani becomes President, and all your comments on blogs become evidence of disloyalty.)

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