The Media, Opus, Islam, and Censorship

Some media outlets have censored comics from Berkeley Breathed, and the right wing pajamo-sphere has the typical overreaction:

Update (Bryan): In the story of the two spiked Opus comic strips, we see the creep of dhimmitude over the US media.

Yeah, that probably sounded overly dramatic. Sorry, this stuff makes me a little gloomy — we need Ernie Pyle but we keep getting Robert Fisk.

This is framed as a question of cowardice in the face of over sensitive Muslim sensibilities:

Which gets us back to the big fact of the day: Terrorism works.

It takes a real coward to spike something as innocuous as this.

No.  Capitalism works.  This isn’t a case of kowtowing to radical Islam.  Its an organization that exists for profit putting perceived risk above freedom of speech.  The editors weren’t thinking “Oh God!  9/11, 9/11!  We’ve got to censor this penguin!”.  It was probably more like “Will this get us sued?”.   Fear yes, but of a different sort.

Still something to be opposed.  We just don’t need hysterical claptrap like this:

At least a subsection of the press in the US is self-censoring (again) out of fear of offending Muslims, hoping to prevent another cartoon jihad or at least keep themselves out of the way when another one erupts.

What we should do is try and get some clarification from the Press.  Why are you censoring Opus?

And as Mark Levin might say, and another thing: Doonesbury has been running a series of strips about a terrorist following a US soldier home from Iraq “if we cut and ran” for the past several days. As one character even says, the terrorist is a “profiler’s dream,” which evidently means he looks Arab and says he’s a terrorist and says “death to you” if you annoy him. Start reading the series here and work your way forward.

Differences: Doonesbury is making an obviously anti-war point, and hasn’t caused a stir at all, while Opus isn’t making any particular point (beyond the flippancy of some granola-brained hippies I suppose) but is being spiked in some newspapers. Both have about an equal chance of offending Muslims, I’d say, or even that Doonesbury has a slight edge there.

AllahPundit misses the point.  Opus directly confronts aspects of Islam (and our own societal flaws).  Doonesbury directly confronts the logical inconsistencies inherent in the war supporter’s arguments.  Not quite the same.  At all, really.

Just another excuse to lambast the so called liberal media for its cowardice, when in fact we should all be confronting the corporate media for their censorship.

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