Adnan Oktar & Turkey vs WordPress Update!

First of all, there is a petition over at MidEastYouth to sign.

Also?  Adnar Oktar responds to teh bloggers (RickB, Ten Percent, emphasis is mine)!

The block is the result of a litigious prick called Adnan Oktar who runs a wonky cult that believes in creationism among its moronic credos. That he has managed to block all of wordpress in Turkey is a shameful blow against free speech in a country that often censors dissent. Adnan Oktar sent out a ludicrous letter which showed as well as rejecting science he also rejects paying good translators, here is what this authoritarian cult nut-job has to say-

There is a lesson which all blog services and internet service providers should take from this judgement. Blog services, especially the ones that give free service, should be careful about the sites that are illegally active through their firms. These services should not remain insensitive to the complaints that they receive and especially to the judgements. It is certain that the services which behave opppositely will meet with the same enforcement that WordPress met.
Blog owners should be careful when they are selecting the service from which they are going to get service. They have to choose a service respectful to law, human rights, justice judgements not a random service. If they do like this, they will provide continuous progress of their publications and also they will force the blog services to behave according to rights and law. Thus, both freedom of intelligence, and personal rights are going to be protected.

Incoherent delusional authoritarian bullshit brother! Basically if you say something this retard doesn’t like he gets everyone shut down and has a hissy fit like a big stupid girl and plays the victim.

What a steaming pile of corrosive rhinoceros offal!  “We had to remove your freedom of speech in order to protect it”.  Sounds like a George Nixon Bush line.  No one is buying:

The serious point is teaching authoritarian censorship fetishist that the minute you try and stifle dissent on the web it becomes a game of whackamole, for every site you silence ten, a hundred, a thousand pop up (and insult you gratuitously).

Indeed.  And in addition to gratuitously insults to a man trying his very best to censor opposition, there is the petition:

Now Mideast Youth meta blog has a petition up here which I urge you to sign before every 70’s throwback religious wankjob starts to feel their oats and sics lawyers on anyone not conforming to their sham delusions.

Let’s grow that petition like we did the Virginia Driving Fee Petition (which jumped to 175,000 +!).  We need to think strategy and rhetorical impact folks, just like he and his lawyers are.  They figure if they can shut off wordpress and chill bloggers into avoiding any blogging service that allows dissent, they can deal a major blow to Adnan Oktar’s critics.  Well I figure that be turning up the political pressure on Turkey and the social pressure on Adnar, we can deal a major blow to “every 70’s throwback religious wankjob” and every other fly infested sack of authoritarian impulses that tries to censor us.

Sign the petition.  Write to your local legislators and your local Turkish embassy.  Free speech is a world-wide issue, and it is central to every form of dissent, and every expression of politics.


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