Kanye West Had it Wrong About Bush

Rather, he had it wrong about Bush’s brain.  Digby wrote this, and you really must read it all:

That picture of Bush looking down on the city from on high in his favorite little air force one costume was a terrible image. But there can be no doubt that what Rove was thinking about in those moments was not whether it would be good for the country or the people of New Orleans for the president to get on the ground immediately. He was thinking about how to turn the situation into a political advantage.

But none of that is what Karl Rove was likely to have really been interested in. He was happy to promote free market ideology and ensure that important contributors were cut in on the action, but his holy grail was creating an enduring Republican majority. (And we know he did not have a lot of scruples when it came to doing it.)

Louisiana has been a swing state for some time, in which Democrats were dependent on the black majority in the state’s largest city to win. It was not lost on Rove that all of those poor New Orleans African Americans — and their children — being dispersed throughout the nation could only be good for Republicans. As of now, only about 66% have returned, not enough to keep the state swinging (in more ways than one.) It looks very likely that the state will have a Republican Governor and two Republican Senators in 2008. Experts in the area estimate that the congressional delegation advantage for Republicans will be five to one by 2012. There is little doubt that the Katrina diaspora finally turned the state blood red.

You see, Rove really did care about Black people.  He cared about getting them out of Louisiana.  Katrina wasn’t the Bush administration’s iconic domestic failure.  It was the success of their new southern strategy:

You can’t blame West for thinking he didn’t care. But it was likely far more cynical than that. Rove was busy counting votes that day he and the president flew over the city and he undoubtedly knew that an opportunity presented itself if New Orleans were destroyed. And he knew something else too: that if certain people heard tales of African Americans lawlessly marauding through the streets and saw hours of footage of poor black women with children it would successfully tweak the southern racist lizard brain to solidify those gains.

The Republican party is perfectly willing to pay any cost to win.  Whether that cost is the mounting body count in Iraq, or the continuing suffering of the victims of hurricane Katrina in the US.  Rove isn’t, and never was, a political genius.  He is a man with limitless ambition and no ethical boundaries.  In other words, Karl Rove is the modern Republican party.


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