Kevin McCullough: No Civil Rights For Christians

Pam has the goods on Kevin McCullough.  He’s a rising star for the radical right Christianist home team.  Shine some of that homophobic goodness down on us:

[S]exual behavior is entirely a choice and something they can control – and race is not.

In other words – we can not codify into law, preferences based on someone’s choices. Whereas equal rights can never be disallowed for someone’s state of being. No one has a choice on their skin color. Everyone has a choice in their behavior.

It is the totality of the entire debate between changing marriage laws to include non-marital unions or not too. The argument these angry gay bloggers and other radicals in the homosexual community have made is that because they were “born that way” they deserve the same special protections as actual minorities.

Hmmmm.  That there’s an interesting argument Kevin.  Small problem:

It’s more than whether it’s a “choice” as we see it — McCullough sees bisexuality as “part-time homosexuality” — religion is a choice as well, so how is “choice” a threshold for civil rights?

Its brilliant logic really.  You see, if no one can have civil rights based on choice, there’s nothing to stop the fundies from turning their hateful rhetoric past the eliminationist nob on the dial and going after liberals and Democrats:  Political idealogy and party affiliation are both …. you guessed it, choices!

This is one of the moments when even if the argument had any merit, it still would fail utterly in its aim.  Beautiful.  Even if homosexuality were a choice, that would not matter one bit when it comes to civil rights.


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  2. Very well, then I “choose” to stand up top your tripe, Mr. McCullough and not give an inch. Your not going anywhere with me. Of course, since you have “chosen” to be a bigot, I guess the laws do not protect you as well.

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