A Polite Note to Anti Semites and Ron Paul Supporters

Dear Anonymous Heros and Ron Paul Supporters, A Polite Note:
Anti-Semitism Doesn’t Help Your Cause (so I guess keep it up):

Comment by Blue:

Mainstream America should wake up and see just how bad jews are with their relentless control to destroy everyone but the jew. They make up 3% of the population yet control all of the media so you will only hear what they want you to. 97% of us have to [ya yah blah blah blah …]

Ron Paul is the only hope we have. He wants to put America first and stop all of this needless interfering in other countries, […yakkity yak, etc]

Comment by PearlieGirl:

The Chrsit was right – Jews are the spawn of the Devil. Judaism is not so much a religion, as a millenial crime syndicate. They are parasitic Nation Wreckers. The USA, and ALL European nations, ought to emulate English Expulsion Order of 1299.

Someone needs a Jewy hug.  Come here you adorable little anti-semites!  Ahhh, doesn’t that feel better?

America needs our help people.  Go out and hug a miserable bigot today.


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  1. I had no idea that I was going to get so many angry “white power” Ron Paul supporters flocking to that thread.

    Just mention his name and you get a freakshow of his supporters: truthers, wakjobs, racists and all. Did you know that David Duke endorsed him? Yikes.

  2. Yeah I did. He’s got endorsements from groups like the CCC and Stormfront. What’s amazing is I’ve mentioned Ron Paul before, and I’ve only gotten the occasional “polite” racist (the ones who couch it in terms of state’s rights or general “freedom”). If it weren’t so twisted, I’d offer a congrats on attracting the real psychos. You’re doing something “right”.

  3. Ron Paul is popular and attracts a wide cross section of Americans who seek liberty. Rudy tends to attract neoconservative likuds and Hilliary attracts neoliberal likuds, so all candidates have their black sheep.

  4. That is a very good point David with regard to the wide cross section. But could you explain how “likuds” are black sheep?

  5. You couldn’t forsee that you would get angry responses from Ron Paul supporters after using such a despicable trick as guilt by association to link Ron Paul to various anti-semetic hate groups?

    I find that difficult to believe, since you seem like an intelligent person otherwise. Rather, I think you are hoping that we will believe that you were surprised by the responses.


  6. Kevin,
    Quoting a Ron Paul supporter isn’t a trick.
    I’m pointing it out and stating “hey, maybe showing the world you are a hateful person and then saying “I support candidate x” isn’t all that helpful for candidate x after all”.

    But frankly I was a bit surprised to see that level of anti-semitism at play. Over here (with a few exceptions), that kind of hate plays a far more polite, mainstream tune.

  7. Psycheout isn’t intelligent, he’s a typical moronic reactionary. I told the little faggot what would happen with his thread almost immediately after he posted it. The truth is, Brownback is a nobody and Americans are growing more and more aware of that fact. Hillary Clinton has no real support, neither does Obama, or Giuliani or McCain. If Ron Paul is not elecected there’s a good chance theree will be blood in the streets and I hope Psycheout is one of the first victims.

  8. Chris,
    There’s no need to call anyone a homophobic slur. Again, you are just weakening whatever cause you are trying to prop up.

    Pyscheout is a genius. His site, blogsforbrownback, has some of the most bitingly ironic satire I’ve seen. Its hilarious. A very dry sense of humor at play.

    As for Ron Paul, he isn’t likely to make it past the primary. Giuliani appears to be an unstoppable juggernaut.

  9. (And why even mention McCain? He’s hardly even running anymore.)

  10. “Giuliani appears to be an unstoppable juggernaut.”

    Jesus Christ man, are you stupid? Giuliani has no support whatsoever except perhaps from 3 million kikes living in NYC.

    Un-fucking-believable! I hope you follow closely behind psycheout in the near future.

    I’m the blogmaster of the Politically Correct Apostate, I get more traffic in 10 minutes than this cocksucker psycheout gets in a week. Fuck you all.

  11. I’m the blogmaster of the Politically Correct Apostate, I get more traffic in 10 minutes than this cocksucker psycheout gets in a week. Fuck you all.

    Elegantly said.

    I guess you’ll still be saying Ron Paul is winning long after the primary is over then. Good luck with that.

    Also, the anti-semitism and calling for the deaths of people here? That will just get you mocked. I’m sure you can more effectively grind your teeth in frustration over at your own blog. But do provide a link, it sounds like it would be a fascinating case study.

  12. If some of the supporters for Paul are bad, you should read the stuff that comes out of the mouths and keyboards of the Brownback supporters like:

    Baptist for Brownback

    Here is a sample:

    I speak of course of the news that the Brits have decided to run away from Iraq. Yes, that’s right. As America’s mission to bring the Word of Christ to the islamofascists turns a corner and surges steadily towards victory, our limey “allies” are turning tail and mincing back to their land of bad teeth, cross-dressing and blood pudding.

    After all, what can we expect from a race of “men” who were defeated by a rabble of bow-legged vegetarians led by a bald, four-eyed anorexic wearing a diaper? Unlike we Americans, the Brits didn’t have the courage and stamina to show their indians what’s what. And look how they paid for that. Today England is overrun by cow-worshiping, curry-boiling bride-burners.

  13. Rafael, not surprising.
    It is crucial that this be approached correctly.
    Not all supporters of these candidates are so hateful.
    The candidates themselves, are not in every case hateful.
    But, the ones who are not use language and take positions that actively encourage and attract racists, homophobes, etc. I think we need to take a critical look at why and how this happens.
    I think it would be really interesting to take a look at hate speech across supporters for various candidates, and try to source out what attracts people where.

  14. Yes, I should add, “some” to my description above. But considering the message that Brownback (and most of the Republican field) is spewing right now, all variations of America Umber Alles/Pax Americana/American Triumphalism is it really that strange that it attracts bigots, racist and the clinically insane?

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