Fox News From Iraq to Iran

FOX Attacks has an excellent video showing, side by side, the parallels between the run up to war with Iraq and current efforts to do the same with Iran.

Some highlights?  The constant attempts to link Iran with Al Qaeda (just as with Iraq).  Statements that we want to avoid “another 9/11”.  Peppered throughout the video are the numbers of Fox viewers who walk away believing the lies.  Fox is actively misinforming its viewers.  That’s us, our friends, families, and colleagues.  To ironically quote Mike Evans on Fox News (yelling into the camera a la Lewis Prothero):

This Network is helping fight the media war, and the American people have been dumbed down by the secular left

Fox is the network offering spin and falsehoods in the place of news and analysis.  Let’s fight their efforts to mislead the American public.

Sign the open letter and help keep a sharp eye on the radical right wing’s loud propaganda organ.


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  1. i watched a great TV series from the UK called “The State Within”, recently. i think the series does a great job showing how much politicians will contrive situations in order to suit their purposes.

    you are right, there are many similarities to pre-iraq govt press releases and possible pre-iran. are we headed for another war? if the current govt has its way, i think so.

    but unfortunately, clinton seems to be on track to do the same as well. so is there really hope???!!!!


  2. Hey…I just clipped that. Great video.

  3. Peter,
    I hope not. Otherwise when we get stuck in yet another quagmire, our then President will say if we leave, it will be like Vietnam. Convenient, huh?

    Most excellent! I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think the other networks will just follow along after Fox again?

  4. fitforoccasion

    i hope not either, but unfortunately, i think many politicians will do whatever brings them power, then keeps that power, and protects it…so if those who desire the next presidency feel the pressure to invade iran, i think it will happen.

    it is interesting to see that even obama, who is the most against the iraq situation (as he was the only one of the candidates that actively was against iraq from the beginning), also felt the need to “stand strong” against terrorism.

    “anti-terrorism” is in vogue recently. but i think it has nothing to do with reality, sadly.


  5. I see them already following its lead. You have Glenn “Chicken Little” Beck ranting about Iran, experts in all networks (specially on ABC trumping Brian Ross and his “terrorism” expertise) talking a war with Iran and none of them questioning the Pentagon propaganda. It would only take an “incident” to ignite the powdered cake. The capture of the British sailors did not do it, but something more dramatic would fit the bill.

  6. […] Now the President is using the violence in Iraq to push us towards Iran, using the many of the same methods, lies, and the same henchnetwork. […]

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