Homosexual’s Can’t Consent to Marriage

It’s so blindingly stupid it’s effing brilliant.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Pam at Pandagon catches a mensa worthy quote from the Family Research Council:

In Rhode Island, a same-sex couple married in Massachusetts is seeking a divorce; because their marriage was not recognized in R.I., when they filed for divorce, it is now in the courts to decide whether it can be dissolved there.

FRC decided to weigh in on the matter by filing a brief to argue that the marriage cannot be recognized (even though there is no law in R.I. banning same-sex marriage), citing this unhinged thinking:

“Following the logic of the appellants and their supporters, man/animal marriage and man/deceased woman marriage must be permitted under Rhode Island law simply because the General Assembly has not expressly prohibited it.”

Tony and Co., when you are able to explain how animals and corpses can grant consent to enter a union of any kind, please let us know.

That’s the genius of it!  You can’t explain how animals and corpses grant consent.  Because they can’t!  And neither can Gay people.  This is also why Gays can’t serve in the military.  They can’t consent!  Why, this forward thinking logic just might lead us to a brave new America where Gays cannot enter into binding contracts of any kind.  Thanks Family Research Council, for setting us all straight.


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  1. One word….stuuupid!

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