Turkey Censoring Bloggers

Do you think Turkey needs freedom of speech to enter the European Union?  What’s that, they do?  Ru-Oh!  (TheStar):

EU officials in Brussels spoke candidly yesterday, telling Reuters news agency that Erdogan’s AKP is promising to enact key reforms on freedom of speech and religion that have contributed to the stalling of accession talks.

Apparently keeping out wordpress bloggers is more important than getting into the EU (via Rafael, Ruins of Empire):

Turkey has briefly joined the ranks of countries like Iran and China that block Internet content in order to control/stifle internal debate.

That’s pretty auspicious company to keep.  Fortunately bloggers are having none of it:

But according to Invictus, bloggers in Turkey are not taking this order lightly and will fight it. Good luck!

UPDATE: Other blogs (like our blogmigo RickB at Ten Percent) are picking up the story and the Clipmarks community is lining up (mostly) behind Invictus and his fellow bloggers.

Censorship is a wild beast, and its effects are rarely intended.  Oh when will those wacky government types ever learn?  Ziya Meral (Turkish Daily News) opines that Turkey needs to “work through” its past to safely reach its future.  Censorship is a relic of that past, and an emblem of fear.  Putting it aside can only help Turkey achieve its goals, both internally and regionally.


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  1. Thanks for picking this up and for the extra sources.

  2. And Turkey wants to be a member of the European Union?

  3. Rafael,
    Sure thing, this is a very interesting and important catch!
    This certainly isn’t helping their case.

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