Fatal Stabbing and Comments

It looks like a man (Erik Traczyk) who left a comment in this thread (#48 and #49) may have fatally stabbed a woman.  (Thanks boyd for pointing this out.)  From the Times Picayune blog:

The alleged murderer, Erik Traczyk, 35, had apparently just moved to town a month ago, both his roommate and his employer said. He told them he had come from New Jersey. He took a construction job, and boasted to his new co-workers of his military and law enforcement background. But he quickly got fired, after fighting with other employees and threatening to kill one, along with his family.
He had moved in with that same employee, and so the threat also got him booted from the apartment, which apparently sent him into a quiet rage, Traczyk’s roommate, employer and landlord said.

There is some speculation about what we can learn from his comment (I have emailed Daniel Moteverde and Brenden McCarthy a link):

People can monday night quarterback this issue with ease. I am nota woman but have never been placedin a situation where as to needan abortion for a wife or female friend. I believe in the constitution and Roe vsWade desicion. The female should never loose any rights. The baby is a product of both female and male cohorting. The female of the relationship is the one whom bears the most physical affects, emotionalis both genders. The person thta has the idea to remove such rights should be shot in the head or genitile area. I would ask the individual what have you done to somebody? From an X law enforcement persons view.

I think comeonnow2 has it right:

So he was pro-choice? People make violent references all the time to all manner of things. This was a weird one but didn’t scream to me, “He’s a killer!” I’m thinking next you’ll print that he liked action movies.

Meanwhile, “mentally ill” rarely equals “homicidal.” Most people who kill aren’t mentally ill. They’re just giant a-holes.

The comment left here (and even much of the description at the bar) really don’t say anything other than “this guy’s disturbed”.  Of course this doesn’t stop us from asking variants of “why”, it just means at the end of the day we’ll be left with those questions unanswered.  Hopefully some kind of motive can be found.

This was a horrible crime.  I wish the friends and family of Nia Robertson warmth and strength in dealing with an unfair loss.


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