Congressional Pressure on Iran

What is the driving force behind the administration’s latest act of dangerous idiocy?  (WashPost, emphasis mine):

The Bush administration has chosen to move against the Revolutionary Guard Corps because of what U.S. officials have described as its growing involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as its support for extremists throughout the Middle East, the sources said. The decision follows congressional pressure on the administration to toughen its stance against Tehran, as well as U.S. frustration with the ineffectiveness of U.N. resolutions against Iran‘s nuclear program, officials said.

What the hell are they thinking?  I’ll admit to being a bit confused.  A Democratic congress, putting pressure on a war-hungry madman, to further push Iran’s buttons?  That makes zero sense.  Either the Washington Post is playing some very funny games here with what constitutes “congressional pressure”, or Congress has gone utterly mad.

So which is it?  Is Robin Wright (the Washington Post) calling the rhetoric of few hawkish Republicans “congressional pressure”, or are the Democrats who spoke so strongly against the war with Iraq pushing a war with Iran?


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  1. What more proof do we need?

    The 110th is a willing partner of the Bush regime’s global ambitions. Together they are creating global disaster to further those goals. And there isn’t a damn thing we can do to stop them.

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