Rove Speculation

W. R. Marshall has a really well written piece up on Axcess News (ignore the obnoxious “News for the X generation”).  He’s got some of the best one liners in there, ever referring to the current Administration:

The biggest rat of all has deserted the sinking ship. No, it’s not the Vice President, pure evil usually takes the shape of a bat or a wolf

Karl Rove, the man who did the impossible and lowered the bar in political campaigns, the man who made running for office sleazier – and not just a little sleazier – has handed his resignation to his latest and greatest piece of clay

Regarding the timing of Rove’s departure:

The party line at the White House is Karl Rove wants to spend more time with his family. The beltway wags will say the smoking gun has been found in his desk. (I’m sure both parties will use the same excuse for Alberto Gonzales if he ever steps down – or the Democrats find the sack to chase him out of office…okay, if he ever steps down.) Guys like Rove don’t want to spend time with their families, rats don’t really like other rats, and there are volumes of Norwegian rat research to prove it.

So what is Rove’s deal then?   Marshall nails it:

Rove, like all rats, is an opportunist and the opportunities in the current administration are over.

Where he’ll find such opportunity will likely be the source of much speculation.  Marshall cites a possible book deal and of course, getting involved with the 2008 candidates as possibilities.  Personally I favor a more party-centric approach, working directly for the RNC.  I can see Rove advising the central committee for years to come.  Its hard to tell from his closing sentence, but I’d wager W.R. agrees:

No, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he hasn’t already made a deal to manage the west side of Hell, and after he swiftboats Cheney, the whole Underworld will be his.

If that’s the case, Rove won’t have that hard a path to travel:

Using his carpetbag of dirty tricks he did his best to put an end to the Democratic Party, so America, like the old Soviet Union and Germany in the 30’s, would be a one party nation. He failed, but not to worry Karl, the Democrats seem to be carrying on your work just fine.

Karl may just be leaving one sinking ship to scurry aboard another.  With turd blossom’s record, perhaps Karl will succeed in toppling the Democrats after all, by joining them as an adviser.  It’d be a brilliant move, and with the language Hillary Clinton’s using in her campaign, he might even have a willing host.


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  1. Haha, that’s a funny quote about the dems. I think you’re right on, too.

    Do you think that would finally expose the sham of the two-party system to the sheep?

    Ron Paul, baby! READY GO!

  2. Well, its not all of the Dems. Hillary is the only Lieberman among the Democratic front-runners.

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