The War on Protestors (Terror)

It’s just a passing note in an article about protests at Heathrow airport in London.  But its a zinger (Channel4):

Police say they have briefed their officers to use counter terrorist legislation – to detain or search – to stop any illegal protests.

The police are saying to the press, point blank, they will use legislation intended to fight terrorism to fight protests.

Every smarmy condescending assurance that the new powers being granted law enforcement will only be used “to fight the terrorists” is nothing more than a hollow promise and a careless insult.

When we give up our rights we lose those rights.  To think the resulting expansion of power will not corrupt is naive.  Surveillance of terrorists becomes surveillance of peace groups.  Arresting terrorists turns into arresting protesters.

How long before indefinite detention and torture make the jump?


3 Responses

  1. Answer: not friggen long. Just wait until the bombs start falling on Iran.

    The world’s going to hell, man, and fast.

  2. There are a number of “events” that could initiate ever more oppressive measures by our government.

    A war with Iran is definitely one of them.

  3. What’s new? They’ve been using terrorist laws against Brian Haw for years.

    I hope Mark Thomas is taking an interest in this week’s camp. The best thing to do with thuggish powers-that-be is to ridicule them.

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