Bush’s Brain Calling it Quits

Goodnight you gentle knight!  Some highlights:


Rove, in the interview, said he decided to resign after Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten told senior aides that if they stayed past Labor Day, which falls this year on Sept. 3, they would have to stay through January 2009, the end of Bush’s term of office.

Who can’t  identify with that bold “Now or never!” attitude!

Rove is saying  he wasn’t forced to resign (CNN):

When asked for his reaction to those who say he’s being “run out of town,” Rove responded, “That sounds like the rooster claiming to have called up the sun.”

Rove has been the target of congressional scrutiny as he and other White House staffers have been subpoenaed by Congress to testify in the case of several fired U.S. attorneys. Rove served as Bush’s political adviser last year as Democrats won control of Congress and as the president failed to overhaul U.S. immigration law.

Rove’s been under just a bit more scrutiny than that of late.  Plamegate anyone?   Gotta love his parting quote though.  Karl’s departure does have that hopeful air of a fresh sunrise.

Ever the professional, Rove is still pushing his unique alternative to reality based political strategy:

Mr. Rove has portrayed the 2006 midterm elections as a temporary setback, and said in the interview he believed Republicans were still on track for victory in the next election.

He predicted that conditions in Iraq would improve with the continuation of the surge — though he did not address speculation that the president will face pressure this fall, possibly even from fellow Republicans, to bring troops home sooner rather than later. And he predicted that Democrats would fail to show unity on issues such as the president’s eavesdropping program.

Or to sum it all up more concisely:  “Everything is happy and dandy.  Yay!”.

We’ll miss our little Republican political roustabout.  One hopes the President will retain the presence of mind to realize he’s gone, and replace him with another winner.


4 Responses

  1. Loads of Republicans now hiring, perhaps Mr. L&O offered him loads of cash to come over to his side, like a new Sith Lord poaching a new apprentice.

  2. I doubt it. I think he might actually keep his nose out of things. After all, he is kind of damaged goods. (And association with him is not framed positively either).

    Although of all the candidates, I’d expect Fred Thompson to jump on him the second he leaves.

  3. Rove is way too smart to go with Fred Thompson… Fred is dead in the water, he has shown he’s not the savior they want. I think they are going to start pitching Giuliani pretty hard, soon. Probably with a Huckabee Veep nod and some “Bombs over Tehran” with apologies to OutKast.

    Given Thompson’s less than impressive fundraising (he’s in the same territory as Ron Paul, for crying out loud) I think he can’t afford Rove. Romney’s more likely to pitch him, but I think Giuliani will get him.

  4. That’s an interesting point. I think you’re right on. It is looking more and more like Giuliani, although I wouldn’t count Fred out just yet.

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