Liberally Mirth: Read it While You Can

The incredible Liberally Mirth is closing its doors.  Mirth and D-Day are two of the more insightful bloggers you’ll read.

They catch a lot of hard to find stories, and have some of the best political commentary out there.

So head on over, browse a little, and leave a note.


3 Responses

  1. Fitness, so nice of you. I return the compliments to you wholeheartedly.
    Finding balance in one’s life is an on-going struggle. In the past few years the virtual has been my focus and I miss interacting equally in my reality. It’s really a matter of time management. Being less involved with the work of running a blog means more time to read and learn from bloggers I admire, like you, and also to be more hands-on with real life projects that I’ve pushed aside.
    Thanks so much for your kindness, Friend.

  2. Oops…change o’ plans.

    After some thought and encouragement, including yours, LM will stay intact and I will post once a week, on Wednesdays.

    It’s a good compromise until I can return to fulltime blogging.

  3. It is a struggle to find balance, and I am very very happy to see that you’ll continue to share your observations and words as a part of that balance.

    It means I’ll also have the writings of a friend to learn from.

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