Romney Pits His Words Against His Actions

In the latest Republican Debate, Brownback scored an easy hit on Romney, whose response was noticeable mangled (emphasis mine):

Hinting at potential skirmishes as the straw poll approaches, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas criticized Mr. Romney as having shifted his position on abortion as he moved from being governor of Massachusetts to running for president. Mr. Brownback’s campaign has been calling Iowa Republicans in recent days to remind them that Mr. Romney once supported abortion rights.

“There’s one word that describes that ad, and it’s ‘truthful,’ ” Mr. Brownback said in the debate, referring to the calls.

Mr. Romney looked sternly toward Mr. Brownback and denounced the calls. “I never said I was pro-choice, but my position was effectively pro-choice,” he said, referring to the policies he advocated as governor. “I’ve said that time and time again. I changed my position.”

That’s pretty bad in context.  Take that out of context and Mr Brownback has another ad just waiting to happen.


4 Responses

  1. Another Brownback ad? Is that going to come out before or after he drops out of the race?

  2. Either way. He doesn’t have a chance at hell in winning, and he’s digging into Romney in the meantime. That’s weakening the Republican’s prospects in November.

    But really any primary opponent could take advantage of this.

  3. Romney is a goof. Nobody noticed that he gave warm fuzziy accolades to Pakistan for building their young democracy?

    Last time I checked, Pakistan was a military dictatorship.

  4. Alexia,
    That wouldn’t surprise me. Pakistan is an ally, after all. As is Saudi Arabia.

    The sooner his campaign ends the better.

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