I’ve been a bit spotty of late, kind of like my internet “connection”.  Well, it finally died absolutely.  This has slowed me down a good clip.  Rumors have it that my internets will be connected, functional, etc on Thursday.  As of yet (and given their recent record of service), I’m not especially confident that this is a substantial rumor.

This is what lack of real competition buys you.  Great service.

Here’s hoping you too have a Comcastic day.


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  1. I loathe Comcast, and all utility monopolies. I love your comment: “this is what a lack of real competition buys you.”



  2. PS they suck down here in Atlanta, too.

  3. Comcast is ok as long as you don’t have a problem. Then its a mess of inconveniently vague scheduling, “miscommunication”, and incompetence.

    (That almost sounds like an lolcat waiting to make an appearence….)

  4. I would hate to think of what internet life would be like without Comcast. I have had it for several years and ‘down time’ has been very minimal, thus far.

    I would not appreciate having to wait days for it to be active again, either, though… ~Howdy

    *Visit us any time at ; )

  5. Actually, once up and running Comcast is pretty nice. A hell of a lot better than dsl. What sucked was how they handled the problem. But they did eventually fix it.

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