2008: A Monster Worse Than Bush

The Register has a searing article on Bush and his efforts to smear the truth with unsubstantiated fears.  This gives us real insight into the Republicans in the ’08 contest.  The ones who want to drape themselves in his flag.  Because they (especially Giuliani and Fred Thompson) have been making every effort to follow the President’s rhetorical lead on Iraq.

It’s a pity for the Bushies, because now that the senseless bloodletting caused by American forces, both directly and indirectly, has far exceeded that perpetrated by Saddam Hussein, Bush needs a monster in Iraq considerably worse than the late dictator. Indeed, at this point, he needs a monster worse than himself. Naturally, bin Laden’s al Qaeda would fit the requirement. Unfortunately, there appears to be scant evidence of its involvement.

The thing is, Bush has a monster worse than himself at hand.  Several in fact, all conveniently located in the current crop of Republican candidates (and soon to be candidates).  They want to continue the bloodshed in Iraq.  By extension, they want to allow Al Qaeda to continue unopposed.

White House flack Tony Snow summed it all up, explaining to sceptics that, “when somebody tries to argue that al Qaeda in Iraq is not a key part of the problem, it creates a basis for saying, well, you need to go someplace else”.

So the Administration has admitted it: people have got to be told that the US is fighting Osama in Iraq (where he is not), or they might expect him to be fought in Pakistan (where he is). It’s clear that the Bushies have no intention of fighting the real al Qaeda management team, who are official guests of the nation of Pakistan and will not be going away any time soon. We’ll be stuck with Osama & Co. for some time to come, that’s for sure.

At some point is has to become clear to even the most loyal winger that ignoring Osama and wasting our blood in Iraq is letting them grow stronger while we grow weaker.  The idea that the Republican Party is “strong on security” is a sick gag.  All the Republicans who support the war in Iraq, who want to wait for just one more set of benchmarks, show a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to this nation’s security.  They also show a willingness to cause widespread death and destruction to keep up appearances.

These appearances are costing us dearly.  They place a burden of blood and pain upon the world by our own hand.  We need to take responsibility and stop it.

In 2008, Some Republicans will try to run wearing Bush’s crown.  We must do our best to remind them how very heavy it is.  We must show them Bush’s legacy leads only to defeat.


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  1. Have you read Terry McAuliffe’s book “What a Party!” yet? I highly recommend it to you, good sir.

  2. Recommendation taken in good stead Madam.

  3. I think they (Thompson, Giuliani, and most of the others) are delusional if they think they can ride Bush’s coattails into the White House. They will end up hanging themselves with that flag; they already are, as Giuliani is starting to take some heat and Thompson is showing he is a non-entity, not the savior the GOP wanted him to be.

    I agree with your responsibilty comment – WHERE IS CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP ON THIS? NOBODY CARES ABOUT SOME FIRED ATTORNEYS – the White House’s claim of executive privilege is probably correct anyway – GET TO WORK STOPPING WAR, RIGHT NOW YOU LOSERS.

  4. Bret,
    Maybe not. They seem to be doing rather well in the polls. Given Bush’s approval ratings, I’d argue this is because enough people see them as a significant change in a direction they want. If Thompson is flagging, that is great news! Giuliani still seems to be a pretty serious candidate despite the substantial flack he’s been taking.

    On the fired attorneys, lots of people do, and should care. These are cases of politically motivated prosecutions, and the firing of the attorneys who refused to play along. I forget who said this, but the story is really in who they didn’t fire. An investigation should bring these details out, and they need to come out.

    The White House has abused the notion of “executive privilege” beyond any useful recognition.

    The Congress is right to roar on the attorney scandal. We just need them to be similarly vocal and effective on the war.

  5. I am not an expert on the war and the correct tactics to use. Thus, I leave it to those who are.
    I don’t like the blood that has been shed, though it has been much less than in many wars we have been involved in. However, those who serve in our military are proud men and women and are willing to die just to prevent one act of terrorism that has been detered from taking place here on our soil. I am proud of them all, and, I believe their presence there in Iraq, as well as other vulverable places around the world has slowed the acts of terrorism here in the U.S. down quite considerably.
    We don’t need someone in the White House who cannot make necessary decisions to defend our country.
    I sure would like to see all those who have jumped on the band wagon to belittle Bush join together in prayer for him, our troops and our country. Hmmm… ~Howdy

    Join us at http://www.boomerifics.wordpress.com

  6. Welcome Howdy ‘n Betty.

    Leaving the specifics of how to fight a war to those who are trained makes sense. But leaving the civilian direction of that war to anyone other than yourself is giving up a part of your role in our government (and our government’s role in directing the military). This is neither wise nor necessary.

    I share your pride in our soldiers, but your thought that their presence in Iraq has slowed terrorism is directly at odds with established fact. It is at odds with intelligence reports that show al qaeda has strengthened since 2001, and that they make money off of Iraq. There are only two dots to connect here.

    We need someone in office who will fight threats where they are, not where they imagine them to be.

    I hope our troops come home safely. I hope the Iraqis come to know peace, safety, and prosperity. I hope we get someone in office who will take the needed steps to fight terrorism and its root causes.

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