Note to Romney: If You Spin, Spin Well

Romney’s campaign should be pretty practiced by now at explaining away the former Governor’s more embarrassing moments and positions. Which makes this latest bit of backpedaling so confusing. Mitt was caught with a possible supporter holding the following sign:

Note the second picture. He isn’t just stopping to smile for the cameras here. He is actually hoisting up that sign himself.

How can we imagine even for a second a Presidential candidate was unaware of the fuss over members of the conservative media conflating Obama’s last name with that of America’s most hated terrorist enemy?

Which brings us to the spin:

What did his campaign say in response to the appearance of Mitt endorsing the message? Election Central:

“The governor stopped briefly for a picture with a supporter who just happened to be holding their own sign with an alliterative play on words,” [Romney spokesman Kevin]Madden said, via e-mail. “I don’t think it was equating or comparing anyone.”

Whoever handed that crap to Kevin Madden should be fired. If Madden himself wrote it, then let the incompetent go. What Romney did by holding up the sign was stand behind its message. Setting aside the obvious issues with the Obama name “mixup” catastrophe, Romney saw a sign that clearly equated opposing Osama with opposing the two Democratic front runners. He then posed with an “elect-me” caliber smile, and held the sign aloft. Its hard to spin that, but someone on his campaign should have at least made the effort. Selling it as an appreciation for an alliterative play on words is beyond idiotic. Mitt Romney has enough to worry about without “big macaca moment” blasting a hole in the bottom of his struggling campaign.


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  1. Mitt, thats one ugly baby you kissed there, buddy. How did it taste?

  2. It’s a funny sign. Why are liberals so thin skinned?

  3. Rafael,
    Apparently not too bad. This hasn’t stuck.
    You know that’s not what this is about. At all. The damnable linking of liberals and terrorists has become reflex for Bush and every conservative whose followed along attentively all these years (including those who stopped doing so after it became unfashionable).
    Romney should know better than to join in, and by doing so, he is signaling “more of the same to come”.

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