VA State Senate Candidate To Fight Driving Fees

Someone was bound to step up to the plate and fight back.  Chap Peterson, a Democrat running against Republican Jeannemarie Davis, is making the VA driving fees a campaign issue.

His campaign has posted an ad about this on youtube:

Chap is already a strong candidate on the issues.  This is just one more reason to support him.  The opposition is a bit nervous.  Let’s offer them a nice relaxing vacation package.

Take Action:

Here is his ActBlue page if you are able to donate.

There will also be a canvassing event tomorrow, July 21st.  You can find a list of future events here.


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  1. […] In particular I’d like to single out Chap Peterson.  You might remember him for his stance against the VA Driving fees when members of both parties in office were scrambling to defend their hidden […]

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