Clinton Must Be Worrying Bush and Company

In a pretty desperate shot, Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman has accused Hillary of (wait for it…) helping the enemy (original, huh?):

Mr. Edelman’s July 16 message, in response to questions Mrs. Clinton raised in May, was obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

“Premature and public discussion of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq,” he wrote, “reinforces enemy propaganda that the United States will abandon its allies in Iraq, much as we are perceived to have done in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia.”

Clinton’s response?

A Clinton spokesman, Philippe Reines, said the senator would respond to Mr. Edelman’s boss, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

Ouch.  Also amusing is how blatantly political Edelman’s message was:

While Mrs. Clinton has pushed the Pentagon for information about withdrawal plans, so have others lawmakers, including Senator Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, the ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee.

Its obvious the whole point of this attack was spin.  You’d think Bush’s in house doctors would have considered the context of their rhetorical attack a little before launch.  Criticizing a Democrat and not a Republican, with an unoriginal canard, for the same action just makes them look incredibly foolish and out of step.

With fund raising and poll numbers that put the entire Republican field to shame, Hillary Clinton must be the subject more than her fair share of nervous strategy meetings at the White House.


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  1. The last thing I need to feel is sorry for Hillary. But if these jackass republicans insist on pulling this crap, that’s exactly what I’ll do.
    This attack was for their Fix (the) news base because you know Fux (the truth) news isn’t going to report the inconsistency. Neither will C(no evil)NN either for that matter.

  2. Let’s not forget that Hillary supported the war from the beginning, that she envisions troops in Iraq through a SECOND Hillary term (I heard that on NPR, it must be true), and that she is likely just as much in favor of expanding the war against Iran as the rest of them.

    These folks are squabbling over who’s going to command the War Party, not how we should pursue peace.

  3. Keith Olbermann delivered another one of his powerful special comments, and I also talked about the whole myth of the of the stab in the back in my podcast (made a special program). Its a powerful myth, one that is been resurrected to shift the blame for this war away from its perpetrators.

  4. D-day,
    This is really more of a criticism of the famed Bush rhetorical machine locking up and jumping out of step. Its like that annoying kid in biology who kept telling the same lame joke with different names each time. Only this time he forgot the punchline.

    Of course not. And really, there are better people to attack in terms of representing the “anti-war” movement symbolically. This really is just a dig at the woman percieved to be leading the pack for 2008.

    This is a struggle that will have violent consequences.

    It is powerful, I just wish they’d stop tapping into it so often and predictably, even if only for variety!

  5. True, it can become cliche, but when so much is going down these days,its better speak out now or never.

  6. Oh sorry I thought you meant Keith commentary.

    Your right, it resonates with the “my country right or wrong” crowd or the “blame everybody but us” crowd. Those who believe in an unblemished America, perfect in every way (not even Mary Poppins could pull that off) need scapegoats like meth heads need cough syrup. To admit that mistakes where made, means to admit the possibility that they could be wrong and that very thought would shake their pillars of absolute certainty to the ground. Above all else they fear that the most.

  7. The challenge we have is to reach out to those people and educate them … it’s not the COUNTRY that is to blame, but rather the government. That is what we must change. The rest of the world understands that dichotomy.

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